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Hi everyone,

How will I know that my application has been approved?
You will be Contacted over Discord, or ingame and further interviewed!

Asking any staff member will automatically get your staff application DENIED.
A member of the Management Team will review your application as soon as they can WHEN STAFF IS NEEDED!
Please do not give out any personal information when applying, this is to keep your privacy secure.

  • Must be atleast 14 years old to apply.
  • Must have Discord and be active.
  • Must have a microphone.
  • Must speak English. (Ability to speak/understand other languages is a huge plus)

Copy and paste this application format in your own thread and answer the questions accordingly.
Please name your thread for example, "denireilly's Moderator Application".
  • Minecraft Username?
  • Age?
  • What languages do you speak or understand?
  • Any previous server punishments? (Please list any bans or punishments and give a brief description of each)
  • Why do you want to be server staff? (Please use detail)​
  • How long have you played Craftingdead? (Estimate if you do not know)​
  • Do you have any experience with the pack? (Please list experience)​
  • Do you have any experience server moderation or administration? (Please list experience)​
  • Timezone? (Not Exact)​
  • Do you have Discord?
  • Are you on the Discord server? (if not join here)​
  • Discord username?
  • Anything else you would like to tell us? (Anything helps!)​

It's important that all staff maintain an absolute positive image towards the general public. If you are chosen, you'll get a chance to work alongside with staff.
If you are caught abusing any moderator powers you will be removed from the staff team and banned accordingly.
If you are not active or do not maintain contact with the rest of the team you will be removed from the moderation team without prior warning.
This position is for MODERATOR only. This is not for an administrator position. There is room for advancement to a higher rank later on if meet certain criteria.​
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