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    please use the technic pack
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    No, I talked to someone and they got me out of where I was, but thanks for checking in!
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    Hi, Im so sorry this must have slipped by us. Is this still happening?
  • VisionedAura204 posted the thread Stuck in air in Report a Bug.
    MichaelBW TCD: Seaport 1 I'm stuck in the air after trying to jump off of a building with the text chat message "you are not permitted...
  • Yes, this glitch is so annoying; whenever I kill LincTheChamp, they do it.
  • denireilly
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    Howdy! We have also released an update for the map, this is replacing the old mall with Minekea!
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    Seaport Military Base Update Howdy! The team have been working on an update and a refresh for our military base on seaport prison...
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    Username: OmegaBot Server/map: Seaport 2 Issue: Exploit in which you can reconnect back to your exact death location. Date: 4/22/20...