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SugerCookie's Ultimate Guide to PVP (Crafting Dead)


Hey you! Are you tired of getting absolutely hammered at bank every time a huge war breaks out? Then this forum post is definitely for you! Hello, some of you may know me as, 'Sugar,' or 'SugerCookie,' today, I will be teaching you how to PVP in CD! This isn't gonna be a guide where I just say, 'just download xray lul,' or, 'get gud kid just download a client,' NONONO, this will be an in-depth guide from the basics, to the simple details. Without further ado, let's get started!


Aim. It's one of the hardest things to master perfect aim. I'm not gonna make you practice 3 hours a day on Kovaak's, nonono, this is about getting comfortable with your sens so you can improve it and have a better overall gaming experience. You wanna adjust what's right for you, slow, fast, mid-range, whatever! I suggest messing around with your DPI and changing it ever so slightly and see what's comfortable with you. You can download software for your mouse, (Corsair, Razer, Logitech, etc.) just search up, *your mouse provider co. name* and software. You should find some software for your mouse and adjust for your liking! About mouse acceleration, mouse acceleration increases your mouse speed as you move it more, this can cause inconsistent aim and overall bad to learn with as you won't learn how to control your mouse perfectly. To turn this off, (Windows 10) go to, 'Change your mouse settings' and go to, 'Additional mouse settings' then hit, 'Pointer Options,' and uncheck, 'Enhance pointer precision,' this will ultimately get rid of inconsistent mouse movements so you can fully improve on your aim. Now for Minecraft settings, like for DPI, change it to your liking, (remember, your DPI and Ingame Settings will counteract on each other and basically mix!) for this guide, we don't need to worry about your EDPI. Just adjust it to something you like. Remember, *always* play with the same sens once you find what's perfect for you, changing it all around will make your aim very consistent, try to stick to one sens once you find your perfect sens! When aiming, you ALWAYS want to aim at head level, headshots deal a lot more damage than to the body. Keep your aim smooth, and clean, and always trace the player. If you need to, toggle, 'F3 + B' to see someone's player hitbox, it might make it easier for you to hit them staying in the box! One last thing, recoil. You will always want to pull down your mouse while aiming, or else recoil will just absolutely destroy your aim and in seconds, you're aiming at the sky. Based on your sens, you'll need to pull down a lot, a little, or a fair amount. Test out your recoil control on a tree or any block, shoot at that block, and hold down your fire button. Stay trained on that block the WHOLE time. This is good practice for recoil control.


Movement is VERY important! It can foreshadow the outcome of a battle! Strafing. Strafing is moving side to side in a random pattern to throw off someone's aim and make you harder to hit. Strafing is KEY to winning gunfights. It can throw off the other person's aim in seconds while you win the fight and win all of his gear. I know what you're saying, "bUt sTrAfIng mAKeS iT haRD tO aIm!" Yes, but most people who say this just, 'try' to strafe and completely forget how to aim and just leave their mouse sitting there while holding left-click and moving around like a monkey. Back to the point, you want to strafe side to side in a random pattern. This way, your opponent can't predict where you are moving making it harder for them to aim. *Remember, if you're strafing left and hit the button to go right, you'll stop. Implement these stops short and quick, a stop too long will let them readjust their aim and just mow you down.* When running around an area like for example, bank. If you want to get from Point A, to Point B quickly, hold your hand, your gun actually decreases movement speed by a certain percent. But remember, when you do run around, keep an eye out for people, they might take advantage of this and absolutely lazar you, and that's not good!* One last thing, when strafing, make sure you actually aim! Don't just strafe the way the other player is going and just hold left click, then it's a battle of who had the most health to begin with!


Your loadout is ESSENTIAL to winning fights. The absolute best weapon to use is the M4A1, other weapons can be used, like a M240B but this is the most basic, go to, and affordable weapon you can use. The best attachments for your gun is a bipod and no SUPPRESSOR! The Suppressor is the absolute worst thing to be added to the game. Unless you're fighting off zombies with absolutely no one in the server, you're better off without it. It lowers gun damage to the gun it's on and doesn't even do anything. For your sight, I recommend using the red dot. ACOG is also fine but it all comes down to personal preference. For sniper scopes, only put it on a sniper, please... you're not gonna go sniping with an M4 from a rooftop, nonono, that's what an AWP or M107 is for! Silly goose.

Tips & Tricks

Please for the love of god, use F5. It is the best thing to do, you'll always get the first peek on someone and that is absolutely game-changing, it's basically playing the game in the third person because it is. You'll see literally everything around you and can see over walls and whatnot. Make sure when you get in a fight, always aim in... you can't even see the other player in F5 if you don't ADS.
Your FOV does matter. I used to use Quake Pro to get a vision advantage but it makes the game look horrible and almost unplayable. If you want to sweat use Quake Pro, otherwise just use a normal 80-100 FOV.
Befriend a few players. Going solo can be hard when you run into a group of 3-5 players as they'll all be ready just to mow you down, remember, 5 is greater than 1. More teammates mean more advantages, like financial benefits, gunfight advantages, your survival percentage increases, etc. Going lone wolf most of the time isn't the best thing, though it gives you more game sense.
Ranks matter. This server heavily relies on them. Selling kits can give you more extra cash to purchase more utilities for your survival. Homes HEAVILY matter this day and age, they allow for fast transport to anywhere you set it, especially in war zones, just home there and get back into the fight after you die. The easiest way to transport but you can also abuse them, (you'll be extremely hated within the community) just home spam back and get that easy kill when no one's paying attention. Use this wisely, you'll be extremely hated like stated before, no one likes a home spammer, only use it when absolutely necessary to farm loot.
Bases. They don't matter much if you can manage storage. They're a pain to build and VERY expensive. If you're free to play, just use backpacks and gun bags in your Vault #1. Bases are just a luxury, makes it easier to haul and all that loot and farm it.

Pay to win

To be good at this game, you need to spend money on the game. Simple, buy a rank and homes. Literally, abuse /home whenever you can and abuse your vaults like it's your portable storage. Shout helps start wars which can be really profitable. /tpa is literally the next best thing other than /home. You can literally go thousands of blocks across the map in seconds, which is assuming you have friends to teleport to. (L)


Well, that's it! All you need to know to survive on well, any Crafting Dead server! I hope you enjoyed this and leave a thumbs up! Really helps! If you wanna comment on anything, suggest something, or have any questions, please comment on this post below! I'm SugerCookie, (or Sugar,) and I hope you learned something to improve your skill! Have an amazing day!

(Leave your thoughts in the comments below! This thread was originally written and finished on 2/18/2020 but posted on 7/23/2020 enjoy!)

(I know all the OG players are gonna be mad at me for making normies good but whatever.)


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You'll get put in your place you silly goose

Remember all of those 1v1's in Seaport? You got rocked silly