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    Happy Holidays and New Year

    Howdy, Its certainly been a minute since I last posted on here and I just wanted to wish everyone in here a very Merry Christmas and all the best for 2023! Just a reminder if your feeling nostalgic the servers are still accessible on the 1.6.4 version of crafting dead where you will still find...
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    Weapon bug

    hey can you please use the format - Username - Server / map - Issue - Date/time if possible - Other information Please note this is critical that this information submitted is correct and accurate as our development team take every post very seriously and are Dedicated to having everything...
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    Valentines Weekend 30% Off Sale

    Valentines Weekend 30% Off Sale Howdy, Love is in the air for everyone, we are having a 30% OFF discounts for everything in the store, and as a bonus a Free $50k in game cash for any purchase! Store - http://buy.thecraftingdead.com/ Server Hosting Discount We have our own hosting service...
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    Merry Christmas!

    Howdy! We want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and hope they have a nice time during the holidays We are having a Sale on the store at http://buy.thecraftingdead.com/ you can also grab an extra $50,000 and the Free Xmas kit with any purchase Kit Xmas Thanks For Reading! The Crafting Dead
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    Happy Halloween!

    Howdy! We at the Crafting Dead would like to wish you all a Happy Halloween, We currently have a 30% Sale on the webstore as well as a free 50k of in game cash on any purchase and free kit Spooky! store- http://buy.thecraftingdead.com/ Minecraft Server Hosting Are you looking for server...
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    New Area on DC

    New Area Added D.C Howdy We have been working on a new area on the DC map and I have decided to release it, while I am still working on it. Any ideas would be much appreciated just DM me. Story This is a ran down power plant abandoned by the military after the outbreak, it was key strategic...
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    Minecraft Server Hosting

    Minecraft Server Hosting Are you looking for server hosting? look no further! We have our very own server hosting service available for everyone at the lowest prices on the market! Packages starting at $1.49 Head on over to our site @ https://www.slimeservers.com/minecraft.php
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    4Th July Sale!

    Howdy! We are Hosting a network 4th July Weekend Sale! You can get 40% OFF and a FREE summer kit aswell as a FREE 20k In game Cash! If you want to take advantage of the sale head on over to the store! Summer Kit Be Sure to join our discord! Looking for hosting? We have our own Server...
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    Username Issue [Revision 1]

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    Username Issue [Revision 1]

    hey, i have now resent the commands for the username SSTTGamerYT please when your ready can you login so that they can deliver your rank!
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    please use the technic pack https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/cd-backup-link.1312558

    please use the technic pack https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/cd-backup-link.1312558
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    Howdy! We have also released an update for the map, this is replacing the old mall with Minekea!
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    Seaport Airfield

    Seaport Military Base Update Howdy! The team have been working on an update and a refresh for our military base on seaport prison island, the update is now been applied and your welcome to check it out!
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    Welcome to the network Riley!
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    Bad Login

    hey! so yes there is a recent issue with the logins from mojang servers, unfortunately this is out of our hands and we will have to wait until minecraft can fix the issue :C the BR servers dont use connections through mojang, they are in offline mode