Ban appeal

Toxic Shadow

New member
Username: ShadowSabre
Banned By: Denireilly
Reason for ban: Xray, being an ass, extreme toxicity, etc.

Why do I think I should be unbanned?

I think I should be unbanned because when I was xraying, I was using a texture pack, which is a little bit better than using a client, and yes, I know I screwed up and betrayed the entire staff teams trust, and I promise to you all that I will not do it again. I will delete the texture pack from my files, and when asked to send anything like my logs again I will do so with the utmost efficiency. I will also try to work on my ever growing levels of anger and toxicity, and hopefully we can get past that together. I think I should be unbanned because when I did this, the server population was kind of low and I have to say the biggest reason for me to do this was of boredom. Again, I stress that I am aware of the trust that I betrayed, and the countless chances I was given in order to stop. And again, I stress the fact that I WILL NOT do this, or anything else, again. Hopefully you will see that I am, in fact, sincere about this, I feel bad for all those whose days I ruined while exploiting the servers, and I would like to start again with a clean slate and a friendly conscience.
Thank you.

Alternate Accounts: Nitro_Bird16, walknbuttcheek, XxL3AGU3xX